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Elkader is an active town of about 1,600 people located in a beautiful valley astride the Turkey River, in the "Driftless Area" of Clayton County. The region was not scoured by glaciers during the last ice age and remained rugged while the surrounding area was scraped level. Elkader is the hub of a large trade area which includes one of the most prosperous and diversified farming sectors in the Midwest. It is near the center of 470,000 Clayton County farm acres. State sales tax reports rate Elkader favorably for per capita business volume.

Elkader is the seat of Clayton County, has excellent educational and recreational facilities, a highly regarded hospital and is home to the main office of the Keystone Area Education Agency. Three state highways, Iowa 13, 56, and 128 enter the city from the north, east, south and west. Two county paved highways connect Elkader with surrounding county communities.

The Elkader Police Department is served by a full-time Chief of Police and two full-time officers. Elkader and Clayton County are served by enhanced 911 service.

The volunteer Fire Department consists of a chief, two assistants chiefs, a mechanic and twenty three other volunteers. It is funded by the City of Elkader, Boardman, Cox Creek and Sperry Townships, grants, private donations and with additional funds generated through fund raising events.

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The City of Elkader may offer tax abatement or other benefits for businesses willing to locate here. These will vary but if you are interested please contact the Elkader Development Corporation and Elkader City Hall for details. The use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is also available for the two TIF districts in Elkader.

Contact Elkader Development Corporation for information about business expansion or relocation.

Contact Clayton County Development Group for more information about Clayton County.

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