Lead water service line survey

Lead Service Line Inventory

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently revised their Lead-Copper rule and this now requires all municipalities to inventory private water service lines to determine if lead may be present.

A service line is the water pipe that delivers drinking water from the public water main to the home or business. In Elkader, the service line from the main to the home is the responsibility of the property owner. The service line can be composed of lead if installed before 1988. After that year, the use of lead water pipes was banned by the Federal government and the use of lead solder for joining copper pipes was also banned.

The City is required to complete a survey of all water service lines by October 2024 and we need your help! Our goal is to have the information submitted to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources by the end of 2023.

Please complete the following survey (online) or print this paper version.

Alternatively, paper surveys will be mailed to each household. They may be returned to City Hall by November 1, 2023.

Surveys can be returned in either dropbox: (the dropbox to the right of the City Hall door or the drive-by dropbox in the alley behind the Opera House).

Surveys can also be emailed to elkaderadmin@alpinecom.net.

Please call City Hall at 563-245-2098 if you have questions.

This information should be helpful in completing the survey.

The following are additional resources for information on lead in drinking water:




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