Frozen water pipes

As the temperature drops, a reminder to all water customers to check your plumbing to prevent it from freezing. It is especially important to check areas with little use such as an extra bathroom or basement facilities. Letting a small trickle of water run can help prevent pipes from freezing.
To check the temperature of the water:
^Let the cold water run and then using a thermometer, like the one pictured,   determine if the water is getting below 40 degrees.
^If so, you will need to keep checking it or let water run.
^Once it gets too cold, water services can freeze quickly.
^When monitoring the temperature of your water, use a faucet where the water does not go through a softener. Going through a softener will not give a true reading as that process will warm the water slightly.
The property owner is responsible for the waterline from the main to the house so if your pipes freeze or your waterline freezes it is your responsibility thaw or repair them.
If you have questions please call City Hall at (563) 245-2098.
Here are some helpful tips on frozen pipes:
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