Fall leaf pick-up information

Leaf pick-up in Elkader

What you need to know:

Residents have the option of having leaves picked up at their property or checking out a key and taking the leaves to the compost location.

Picking up leaves at the property:

Our street sweeper also has a vacuum feature.

  • Rake leaves to the back of the curb (within 5 feet of the curb).
  • Try to avoid leaves in the gutter or street. Blocked storm sewers cause water back-up/flooding.
  • Do not park near where you place the leaves so that our sweeper can access the leaves.
  • Avoid piling leaves around mailboxes, utility poles, guide wires and other obstructions.
  • When you are ready for leaves to be picked up, call City Hall at 245-2098 to tell us you are ready for the leaves to be picked up. This number does have VM (leave messages for Curtis) so you may call after regular City Hall hours.


  • LEAVES ONLY! Please no landscape waste, sticks, garbage, rocks or dirt.
  • Depending on the number of residents that have leaves ready at the same time, it may take a day or two to reach all residents. It also may take multiple trips per house if you have a lot of leaves.
  • Please make sure children and animals do not play in the leaf piles.

If you take your leaves, yard/garden waste or sticks to the “burn pile” (a.k.a. County sandpit):

  • This facility must remain locked per IaDNR guidelines. You can check-out a key from City Hall and lock it when you leave.
  • There are separate piles for sticks/wood and leaves/yard/garden waste. Do not mix the two piles!
  • NO BAGS! Everything must be dumped from bags.
  • Not allowed in either pile:
  • No lumber or miscellaneous wood.
  • No concrete.
  • No rocks.
  • No contractor trees.
  • No trash!

Your cooperation is appreciated. If the IaDNR decides    residents are not following the proper rules, then we may have to make changes such as prohibiting residents from dropping off materials when city employees are not on site. This could result in a charge for the service.

If you have questions, please: call City Hall at (563) 245-2098,

or email celkader@alpinecom.net or


or send a Facebook message.







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