Crack sealing work to be completed

The contractor that does crack sealing work for the City started work (Friday).
Crack sealing is a preventive measure to help prolong the life of a street by cleaning and filling cracks so water does not get into the street.
It doesn’t take long for the material to dry and traffic control is in place so drivers should not be detained for long.
However, when the dirt is blown out of a crack residents will not want their cars parked on the street.
The schedule right now looks like:
Today (Friday, October 7)
Gunder Road
High Street
Monday (October 10th):
Main Street from Wilke’s to Cedar Street. (Parking will be blocked for 2 hours.)
Opera House lot and alley behind.
Davidson Street NW
Oak Street NE from 2nd St to 3rd St.
Oak Ave SW from Mulberry St to the end
Mulberry St SW from 1st Street/Hwy 56 to 2nd street
Please try to remember to not park on these streets on Monday.
Thank you!
Please let us know if you have questions – (563) 245-2098.
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