Water & Sewer

The City of Elkader contracts with PeopleService to operate and maintain the water and sanitary sewer systems within Elkader.

Water Quality Report

Download the current water quality report: 2022 Water Quality Report

What do I do if my sewer is backing up?

First determine if it is a problem with the main or within your individual home. A good rule of thumb is, if water backs up after you have used a drain or toilet within in your own home, and no other time, then it is most likely a problem with your individual service line and you should call a plumber or company to jet your line and camera it. Homeowners are responsible for the line from the house to the main. It is also a good idea to call City Hall at 563-245-2098 to let them know so the manholes can be checked after the individual service line has been cleaned.

If you have back-up continually, without you using a drain in your home, then the problem is most likely in the main. You should call City Hall at 563-245-2098 or the after-hours emergency number for PeopleService at 888-861-1921

Billing for Water & Sewer

Find out about billing and bill payment options on the Billing & Bill Payment page.


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