Garbage & Recycling


~new tote distribution info~

There is a 5 bag per week maximum pick up for garbage before additional charges are added. Containers shall not weigh more than 60 pounds.

Items not picked up with garbage include cardboard, sharps, tires, TVs, appliances, yard waste, batteries, paint, oil, Freon containers, toxic or poisonous materials, computers, wire, fence posts, bricks, iron, cement chunks, animal carcasses, and fertilizer.

Charges for additional items: couch-$20; hide-a-bed or recliner couch-$35; recliner-$10, small chair-$5; mattress and/or box spring-$10 each; toilet-$7.50; storm door-$10; water softener (empty salt)-$35; humidifier-$15. Extra garbage assess by driver: household-$38.50/cubic yard; construction-$48.50/cubic yard; shingles-$8.50/cubic yard.

Items not picked up curbside by Hawkeye Sanitation may be able to be dropped off behind the County Secondary Roads facility at 519 High Street NE.  The schedule for charges.

Garbage is picked up each week. Pickup west of the river on Tuesdays. Pickup east of the river on Wednesdays. Recycling is picked up on garbage days per the schedule.

Yard Waste

The City of Elkader offers free yard waste pick up a minimum of two Mondays in the Spring and Fall. This is published in the local newspaper, along with being posted on Facebook and at City Hall.


The City of Elkader contracts with Hawkeye Recycling for recycling service. Recycling is picked up on scheduled dates along with garbage. Pickup west of the river on Tuesdays. Pickup east of the river on Wednesdays.

Tips if your recycling is not picked up.




NO curbside pickup. Glass is only accepted as drop off only at Hawkeye Recycling.

Acceptable at Hawkeye Recycling: Only CLEAR glass such as food jars, pop bottles, juice bottles, baby food jars, liquor bottles.

Nonacceptable: COLORED glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, baking dishes, window glass, crystal, ceramics.


Acceptable: Only #1 & #2: Check each jug, bottle, or container for #1 or #2 as manufacturers constantly make changes!

Kitchen: milk jugs, soft drink, juice, liquor, water, cooking oil, dish soap, window cleaner containers.

Bathroom: shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, lotion, cleaners, liquid hand soap containers.

Laundry: liquid detergent, fabric softener, bleach containers.

Automotive: windshield washer containers.

Nonacceptable: motor oil bottles, antifreeze, toys, pesticides, herbicides, solvent, paint, flowerpots, garden plastics, Tupperware/Rubbermaid etc., microwave containers, Styrofoam, Polystyrene, and bubble wrap.


Acceptable: tin food cans, pop cans, aluminum food and beverage containers.

Nonacceptable: aerosol containers, paints, solvents, adhesives, gas or chemical cans, pesticides, herbicides.


Acceptable: office and computer paper, catalogs, phone books, magazines, junk mail, newsprint.

Nonacceptable: wrapping paper, gift bags, bows.


All corrugated cardboard must be recycled as it has been banned from the Winneshiek County Landfill and Floyd Mitchell Landfill.

Billing for Garbage & Recycling

Find out about billing and bill payment options on the Billing & Bill Payment page.

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