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Address: 302 S. Main Street, Elkader IA

Activities: Dog Park

Elkader’s off leash dog facility is located in Founders’ Park. Founders’ Park is located at the end of South Main Street and the dog park is towards the south end by the playground.

Please note: Currently, there is not a water hydrant nearby. Please bring your own water for your dog(s).


The dog park is usually removed for the winter.

The park is open from 7:00 a.m. to sunset.
Please review all of the rules before coming to the park.


Dogs must be registered to use the park. Registrations must be renewed annually before January 31st.

You can register in a few ways:

  • On site (paper forms will be available or a QR code will take you to the website)
  • ONLINE form
  • At City Hall, 207 N. Main Street, Elkader IA 52043; 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F
  • Through the mail: PO Box 427, Elkader IA 52043  Download Dog Park Registration Form (pdf format)
  • Send the form via email to:  Dog Park Registration Form (Word format)


The registration form must be accompanied by a fee of $10/dog. This fee can be paid in cash, check, or PAY ONLINE with a credit card (Choose “dog park” when making your payment).

Proof of registration will be mailed to you or sent via email.


Information About the Facility and How You Can Use It
  • No animals other than dogs may be brought into the fenced area.
  • Ensure each gate closes behind you before you enter the next one.
  • Dogs shall have on a collar with ID and current rabies vaccination tags at all times while in the facility.
  • All dogs must be leashed until safely inside and returned to a leash prior to exiting.
  • Owners must have one leash per dog at all times.
  • Dog owners must remain in the fenced area while their dogs are using the facility.
  • Owners must be in view of their dogs with voice control at all times.
  • Dog owners must be 18 years of age or older. Children accompanying dog owners must be strictly supervised by an adult and shall be at least 12 years old to be allowed inside.
  • Spectators should remain outside the fenced area.
  • The off-leash dog area is for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them. No other use is allowed. These areas are designated for canine activities. It is not intended for any other purpose.
  • Smoking and eating are not allowed inside the facility.
  • Sick or injured dogs are not allowed. Owners of dogs with a known sickness/injury or displaying sick or injured behavior will be required to remove their dog immediately.
  • Each adult may have a maximum of two (2) dogs at a time in the facility.
  • Puppies less than four (4) months old are not permitted.
  • While small, bite-sized training treats are permitted, food in bowls, long-lasting chews, rawhides or glass containers are not permitted.
  • Please note: Currently, there is not a water hydrant nearby. Please bring your own water for your dog(s).
  • Strollers, bicycles, tricycles, big-wheels, wagons, rollerblades, etc. are not permitted in the facility, except wheelchairs used by people with disabilities.
  • Owners and facility users must wear shoes at all times.
  • No attendant will be on duty.
  • Remove choke, spike, pinch, prong, or collars that may injury other dogs BEFORE play is allowed
    Please leave the facility in better condition and cleaner than you found it.

Behavior in the Facility

All dogs and owners use the facility at their own risk. The City of Elkader shall not be liable for any property, physical, or pet damage or injury occurring within the off-leash area. In addition, by using the facility you are accepting full responsibility for your actions and the actions of your dog(s).

  • Be aware that dogs have different play styles. Talk to your veterinarian, talk to other facility users, and educate yourself on dog behavior.
  • Vicious, dangerous or aggressive dogs, including those defined or adjudicated as vicious pursuant to Chapter 55 of this Code of Ordinances, and female dogs in heat are not allowed inside the facility under any circumstances.
  • Owners must immediately leash and remove dogs from the facility at the first sign of aggressive, hostile or combative behavior. Any dog found to have bitten another dog/person will be subject to suspension or revocation of facility privileges and may also be subject to citation in accordance with Chapter 55 and Chapter 3 of this Code of Ordinances.
  • All dog bites or attacks must be immediately reported to the Elkader Police Department (563) 245-3110 or City Administrator (563) 245-2098. In addition, owners are required to assist in the investigation of incidents of aggression or biting by providing appropriate identification and information to the responding or investigating officials, and to other dog owners who are involved with the incident under investigation. Failure to provide assistance and identification as requested will result in immediate revocation of all facility privileges. Owners are solely liable for any injury or damage caused by their dog and are fully responsible for their dog’s actions.
  • Owners are responsible for and are required to pick up after their dogs. All dog waste must be collected and disposed of by the owner in the dog waste receptacles provided.
  • Owners must fill all holes created by their dog(s) and are responsible for reporting to the City Administrator ((563) 245-2098 or any damages to the facility, fencing, or other equipment caused by their dog or the dog of another owner.
  • A person who brings a dog into an authorized facility and complies in all respects with the provisions of this section, including any rules and regulations established as provided this chapter, shall not be deemed to have permitted or allowed the dog to be at-large within the city, within the meaning of chapter 55 of this Code of Ordinances.

OWNERS WHO FAIL TO ABIDE BY RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO LOSS OF FACILITY PRIVILEGES AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CITATION PURSUANT TO CHAPTERS 3 & 55 OF THE CITY CODE, WHERE APPLICABLE. Tickets for the first offense is $25 and any subsequent offenses are $50. Animals and/or owners whose privileges have been suspended or revoked may be posted by the City to notify other owners or facility users.

View or Download relevant city code 

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