Carter House Museum

Image of Carter House Museum

Address: 101 SE High St, Elkader IA

Phone: 563-235-1573

Open to Public: Yes

Activities: Museum, Self-guided driving/walking tour

The past returns when you enter the Carter House and its attached annex. Come see the restored glass negatives from the late 1920’s of the interior of Elkader businesses and school rooms. Capture the feeling of welcoming home Civil War soldiers after the war. A street banner has just been found which dates from 1861 to 1865.

Built in the 1850’s as a “mirror” or double house for the Carter brothers and their families, the Carter House is a neoclassic structure of 18 rooms displaying furniture, clothing, photos and artifacts from the 19th century. An adjoining annex contains military uniforms from the Civil War to modern times as well as tools and farm equipment from before the rise of the machine.

Admission: Adults: $5.00, Children under 12: $3.00

Open: Sat. & Sun. 12 pm. – 4pm. May thru Sept.

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