Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

June 7, 2016

Location: Treats

Members Present: Curtis Ruhser, Ron Kuehl, Mark Patrick Collins, Beth Rentschler, Willie Lough, Stephen Mayne, Claire Wright,

Financial Report:
Ron Kuehl presented the financial report: as of June 1st. Mark made the motion to approve the financial report, Willie seconded it, the motion passed.

Minutes from last meeting were read. Ron made a motion to approve the minutes as read, Mark seconded. Motion passed.

Promotion Committee Report:
Chamber cards were made and are distributed to participating membership. Sidewalk Sales is coming up in July. (Proposed budget was approved online after meeting)

Old Business:
New brochures are in the process of being made, Christa brought the first draft in to show the board, and she offered some proposed changes minor changes where approved, such as changing visitor guide to business guide.

New Business:
Sweet Corn Days Donation; back in late May Christa received a sponsorship letter that was due at the end of May, she was told to hold it until the June meeting. Last year the chamber donated $500 to the Sweet Corn Days Committee, this year they chose to do the same. Beth made a motion to donate $500 to Sweet Corn Days, Stephen seconded, motion was passed.

Mobile website; Claire talked to the group about the options available to make the website mobile. She brought an example of what the home page could look like and asked the group to go over the current website and trim redundant information and decide what parts they want to make mobile friendly. Claire also clarified for the group how the website was set up.

The annual golf tournament; Christa reminded the group that the golf fundraiser was coming up next month along with sweet corn days. The group discussed whether they wanted to change anything this year. (The group decided online to increase the metal sponsorships another $100

Executive Director’s Report:
Christa requested going to the Iowa Retail Initiative Summit and staying down for a small vacation. The Board approved.

Beth made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was 2nd by Mark.

Ruhser adjourned the meeting and was 2nd by Collins

Next meeting will be on July 12th, 7:30am at Treats.

Minutes submitted by Christa Fosse and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.

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