Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

May 3, 2016

Location: Treats

Members Present: Curtis Ruhser, Mark Collins, Ron Kuehl, Stephen Mayne, Christa Fosse

Financial Report:
Ron Kuehl presented the financial report: as of May 1st. Collins made motion to approve financial report and was 2nd by Mayne.

April minutes were read no corrections were made. Mayne made a motion to approve the April minutes and was 2nd by Kuehl.

Promotion Committee Report:
Chamber Cards was discussed. How many cards should be made? The group asked Collins for price for about 1000. (revised: after discussion through e-mail the board decided to order 750) Order of 750 for $296.25 was approved.

Old Business:
Group discussed updating brochures. The Elkader Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Guide was last printed in 2014, its time for an update. The group asked Fosse to look into how many brochures are left especially after Memorial Day Weekend. Fosse reported that; 1,500 would cost $596.34 and 3,000 would cost $694.00. The board discussed the price difference, Collins made a motion to approve order of 3,000 brochures for $694.00 and was 2nd by Mayne.

New Business:
There has been discussion off and on about making the website mobile friendly. The Boards concerns are, of course, how much it would cost to add mobile capability, and whether or not to make the whole website mobile or just parts of it. There was also a mention of what will happen to the website when the Webmaster Claire Wright retires. Fosse will ask Claire Wright to attend one of the board meetings since she is much better able to answer questions.

Executive Director’s Report:
Fosse attended the Clayton County Development tourism meeting in Guttenberg IA, as it has been she reminded the members to encourage people they know to attend a Mystery Mingle Munch & Mob. Fosse updated the group on when they would conduct a ‘Welcome’ for Milestone Portraits by Thea. She updated the group on advertising with the Elkader Cinema, since there is a waiting list if you want to advertise there you need to get on the list months before you normally would. Fosse reminded the group about the Iowa retail initiative summit she had mentioned a few meetings ago and if she could register if it was Free. (it was free so she registered after the meeting) The summit is June 23 in Ames Iowa.

Other comments:
(Great Give Day) and idea for Fall.

Ruhser adjourned the meeting and was 2nd by Collins
Next meeting will by July (to be decided), 7:30am at Treats.

Minutes submitted by Christa Fosse.

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