Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

April 5, 2016

Location: Treats

Members Present: Mark Collins, Beth Rentschler, Stephen Mayne, Ron Kuehl, Curtis Ruhser, Christa Fosse, and Willie Lough

Financial Report:
Ron Keuhl presented financial report: as of April 1st. Rentschler made motion to approve financial report and was 2nd by Collins.

Membership report:
There are new businesses in town, that will be welcomed later this spring; Elkader Tax, Milestone portraits by Thea, and Premier Ag Systems.

March minutes were read and approved online via email after the meeting.

Promotion Committee Report:
Fosse reported the census for how many/where visitors came from that registered for LDO. Total was up from last year, 275 compared to 248 from last year. This event draws from all over the state and WI, Mn, IL, and Ne.

Old Business:
The group discussed making new window clings for membership with the updated logo. Collins said he would look into a design and get a price quote.
(Design was presented online, later in month, reviewed and approved to order and print)

New Business:
Willie Lough was interested in being more involved in the chamber and interested in joining the chamber board. Collins made a motion to nominate Lough to the board and was 2nd by Rentschler. Motion carried.

Fosse brought a quote from Heritage printing for new visitor guides 3,000 would cost $694.00 It was noted that with business turn around it might be better to order fewer more often to keep them up to date. Christa will ask for a quote for 1,500 brochures.

The City Website was down for the weekend and that Monday prior to the meeting. The domain name registration had expired. Christa consulted with Claire Wright the webmaster and presented options to the chamber board. It is cheaper to renew a year compared to 5 and Christa thought the chamber was paying more than it should for this service and suggested changing providers once the domain name was registered again. Rentschler made a motion to approve renewal for a year, was 2nd by Mayne. Motion carried. Christa will talk to Roger Thomas of Main Street to see if they could use their debit card to help speed the process along, and repay Main Street after.
(Roger was not able to use Main Street’s debit card to pay for the domain name, Claire needed to clear and approve every action. Claire decided it would be easier if she renewed the domain name for 5 years with current provider and the chamber would reimburse her. The domain name www.elkader-iowa.com was renewed with Network Solutions for 5 years for $99.95. Chamber will reimburse.)

Fosse asked if the board wanted to donate money to Turkey River Recreation Corridor at or above the level they did last year. Christa also asked if the board wanted to donate chamber dollars to the Red Horse Fisheree committee. Collins made the motion to donate $50 to TRRC and $200 chamber dollars to the Red Horse Fisheree, was 2nd by Lough. Motion carried.
Fosse asked if the board would be interested in advertising in the Eastern Iowa Shopper for their spring ad, she noted that it did not appear that the chamber has done this ad in the past. Ruhser recommended asking Jennifer or Roger about doing a joint ad. (Roger said he didn’t think his board would do the ad, deadline passed, no action taken)

Executive Director’s report:
Fosse attended the Clayton County Development tourism meeting. The group is following the Mystery mingle munch & mob as they travel around Clayton County, so the meeting was at Promise Land Winery. She reminded members about the next MMM&M date. Christa reported that Roger Thomas had taken down the Santa’s Cottage and gave the materials back to Roger Shmidt. The materials are looking pretty tired/shabby and Roger recommended that perhaps something different be done for next year.

Fosse expressed an interest in pursuing the chamber cards project that Mayne had brought up as a fundraising idea awhile back. Mayne and Christa plan to go around and ask businesses if they are interested to participate. A progress report will be given next meeting.

Rentschler adjourned the meeting and was 2nd by Lough.
Next meeting will be on May 3rd, 7:30am at Treats.

Minutes submitted by Christa Fosse and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.

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