Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

March 8, 2016

Location: Treats

Members present: K. Dunlap, C. Fosse, R. Keuhl, S. Mayne, C. Ruhser, M. Collins

Call to order

Financial Report

Ron Keuhl presented financial report. Dunlap made motion to approve financial report and was 2nd by Collins.


Minutes were reviewed. Correction was made by Ruhser under “membership report” adding a homepage link to member’s logos on a rotating basis. Motion was made by Collins to approve minutes as corrected and was 2nd by Mayne.

Membership Report

Our current number of members paid is 72.

Promotion Committee Report

Ladies Day Out (LDO) March 12th – people are getting together at 8:00am on Wed at the city hall to put coupons and bags together. The gifts are at General Store.
• Need to send out a reminder to encourage all employees to park on the side streets.

Old Business

Sweet Corn Days: Dunlap and Mayne are no longer making decisions regarding the event.

New Business

Cresco Shopper: Place our calendar of events in the shopper for the rest of the year and include our new logo. Dunlap made a motion to approve ½ page ad at $225. Mayne 2nd the motion.
Fosse recommended that we look into window clings with the new Chamber logo for all member businesses. We asked that Collins get a quote for 100. Will table the decision for next meeting.
Collins will invite Willie Lough of Creative Woodworking to the next meeting.

Executive Director's Report

• Membership drive almost done.
• Fosse plans to attend the Clayton County Development Meeting.

Collins adjourned the meeting and was 2nd by Mayne.
Next meeting will be on April 5th, 7:30am at Treats..
Minutes submitted by Kristin Dunlap and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.

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