Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

November 1, 2016

Location: Treats

Members Present: Curtis Ruhser, Ron Kuehl, Mark Patrick Collins, Willie Lough, Kristin Dunlap

Financial Report:
Ron Kuehl presented the financial report: as of October 1st. Motion to approve the financial report as read was made by Mark, was seconded by Willie. Motion passed.

Minutes from the last meeting in September was read. Motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Ron, was seconded by Willie. Motion passed (there was not enough members for a forum in Oct.)

Promotion Committee Report:
Next promotions committee meeting is Nov 2nd. The group will be getting ready for the Holiday Retail Open House.

Old Business:
Topic was going over membership dues and deciding if the group wants to make changes. The group had a month to review the old membership letter and investment sheet. Curtis made the motion to increase the amount for; 9-11, 12+ employees and Banks Utilities, or Municipalities. Kristin seconded the motion. Motion passed. The group also made some suggestions for changing the chamber letter.

New Business:
The proposed budget for the Holiday Retail Open House was presented to the board. Proposed total was $3,170. Kristin made a motion to approve the event budget, Mark seconded. Motion Passed.

Christa wondered if the group shouldn’t skip a few face-to-face meetings in the coming winter months since those are the times that can be difficult to have a meeting. The group thought it best to keep it as it has always been. If school delays or cancels, then the meeting is rescheduled.

Director’s report: The Mystery mingle munch and mob, was hosted by Elkader at the end of October. About 25 people attended and enjoyed visiting Artur Geisert’s Studio and the Opera House.

Roger Thomas is retiring from the Elkader Main St. and EDC director positions at the end of December. There is a retirement party in Nov that Christa gave the members invites to.

Christa reported that she had agreed to help Clayton County Development with a Facebook promotion, she wasn’t sure for how long.

The yearly Subscription to Microsoft Office needed to be renewed. $69.99

Next meeting will be on December 6th, 7:30am at Treats.

Minutes submitted by Christa Fosse and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.


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