Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

January 24, 2017

Location: Treats

Members Present: K. Dunlap, C. Fosse, R. Kuehl, C. Ruhser, W. Lough

Financial Report:
Financial report presented. Motion made by Dunlap to approve financial report and second by Lough.

Corrections to minutes were made as follows: Kristin Dunlap is still on her first term until 2017 then will start her 2nd term. We will need to find Ron Kuehl and Beth Rentschler a replacement as they are ending their 2nd term this Feb. Lough made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections and the motion was 2nd by Kuehl.

Promotion Committee Report:
Next meeting Feb. 1st
Ladies Day out is on March 11th. The theme this year will be “Where’s ELDO”. We are encouraging businesses to sign up for workshops. We will have 1 handout which will be a brochure type format that will include the list of workshops, participating businesses, coupons/special, and a map. This will include the community participant’s registration information which will be handed in at the end of their day.

Old Business:
Suggestions were made for recruiting 2 new board members.
Fosse presented information for new street Christmas lights. Discussion was held regarding how we could replace the lights in a more affordable way as we found it was very expensive to buy new.

New Business:
We had 1,024 punch cards come back this last year.
Lough made a motion to donate $50 towards prize for video for Ladies Day Out. This was 2nd by Dunlap.

Executive Director’s report:
Fosse announced she will be working at Clayton County Development office on Thursdays.
The next Regional Chamber meeting will be in Elkader in Feb.
This year is the 25th year anniversary for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Next meeting will be on Feb 7th, 7:30am at Treats.

Minutes submitted by Kristin Dunlap and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.


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