Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

September 12, 2017

Location: Treats

Members Present: K. Dunlap, C. Fosse, R. Kuehl, C. Ruhser, W. Lough

Financial Report:
Financial report presented. Lough made a motion to approve the financial report and was 2nd by Ruhser.

Kuehl made a motion to approve minutes as written. The motion was 2nd by Lough..

Promotion Committee Report:

Working on Christmas Open House. Will ask to see if anyone wants to change hours. Would like to increase involvement.

Old Business:
Expired Board Positions: Need to make a priority and find 2 people.

Christa will place donation cups for purchase of new Christmas lights for next year. We will need to talk to Main Street as well to see if they can help in any way.

New Business:
Witches Night Out is Oct 12th. Lough made a motion to donate $200 for prize and Kuehl 2nd the motion. Christa will work on poster to display the upcoming events for witches night out.
Travel and Leisure Guide in Cresco ad for $133. Dunlap made a motion to decline the ad and was 2nd by Kuehl.

Executive Director’s report:
Christa is working on the letter.
Christa is still doing facebook videos for Clayton County Development.

Minutes submitted by Kristin Dunlap and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.


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